Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great Zombies in History trade paperback from McFarland Books

The Great Zombies in History trade paperback is now available for sale from publisher McFarland Books.

I wrote a story in this anthology, entitled "Immortal Resistance."

If my memory is correct, this is actually the first short I ever did with my Rex, Zombie Killer co-creator/artist, DaFu Yu. Essentially, the story revolves around the idea that the Spartan 300 were facing a zombie horde at the battle of Thermopylae.

I also was the project editor on the original three issues, published in floppy form by Elevator Pitch Press, although my friend Joe Sergi was the editor of this collected edition, as you can see by the cover.

This is a fun collection of short comic book stories, set all throughout history, and features samurai, vikings, astronauts, and even Teddy Roosevelt and George Washington.

You can check out more information and order it over on the McFarland website.

There's also a fun feature on DaFu, including some art-in-progress images, over on the McFarland site right here. That cover you see above is by DaFu, too!