Monday, September 9, 2013

Rex, Zombie Killer short story in Magic Bullet #7

There's a brand-new one-page Rex, Zombie Killer story in Magic Bullet #7. The story, titled "A Walk in the Park," takes Rex's pack of animals into a zombie-infested amusement park.

Magic Bullet is a free tabloid-sized newspaper that's available all over the Washington D.C.-Virginia-Maryland metro area, with a circulation of about 5,000 copies per issue. It's published by D.C. Conspiracy, a comics creators’ collective in the capital region.

It's been fun and challenging writing these "done-in-one" single-page stories for Magic Bullet. I love working at the tabloid size in a newspaper format--it reminds me of DC's Wednesday Comics series, as well as the old Sunday newspaper cartoons.

You can see the first panel to the left, and the cover to the issue below.

Pick up a copy at comic shops, coffee shops, etc. You can see the locations on the Magic Bullet website.