Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rex, Zombie Killer mini-series #1 in comic shops 10/30/13

Rex, Zombie Killer--my creator-owned book with co-creator/artist DaFu Yu--returns to comic shops the day before Halloween, in a new four-issue, bi-monthly mini-series. The series is being published by Big Dog Ink.

I'm happy to be returning to our tale of a hyper-intelligent Golden retriever and his small pack, including Kenji, the gorilla with a baseball bat! The animals continue on their journey across California, trying to reach a "safe place" with Rex's human in Nevada.

This issue picks up from the double-sized Rex, Zombie Killer One-Shot released in 2012, so in addition to Rex and his pack...and the zombies...we'll also be seeing more of the apes and monkeys who escaped from the zoo. If you missed the earlier issue, the "Story So Far" on the inside front cover will bring you up to speed.

Story by me, pencils and inks by DaFu Yu, interior colors by Juan Romera, letters/design by E.T. Dollman, with Paul Allor editing. The covers are by DaFu with colors by Kevin Volo.

You can check out more information on the Rex, Zombie Killer website.

Drop me a line and let me know what you think of the issue!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Comics Experience "Making Comics" course begins 10/30/13

I'll be co-teaching a four-week course called "Making Comics: Self-Published and Creator-Owned" over at Comics Experience, starting October 30, 2013.

I've been associated with Comics Experience since October of 2009, the month I took the inaugural online Intro to Comic Book Writing course. I loved it so much that, after taking the Advanced Comic Book Writing course, Andy and I started chatting and talking business. By mid-2010, we had co-founded a brand new online community called the Creators Workshop. About a year after that, Andy asked me to become the General Manager of the entire Comics Experience operation; a job I'm still doing today.

So, in late October, nearly four years to the day after my first connection with Comics Experience, I'll be teaching my first course there! The first night of class is also the day my series, Rex, Zombie Killer, returns to stores, so I'm looking forward to that day.

My co-instructor on the course is my friend Paul Allor (TMNT, Pathfinder: Goblins, Strange Nation), and we'll be discussing all aspects of making comics, from finding collaborators, to marketing and distribution. In other words, all the nuts and bolts I wish I had known when I started getting serious about making comics four years ago.

You can read more about the course over on the Comics Experience website right here.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Strange Nation #1 from Monkeybrain Comics, now on Comixology

Strange Nation #1, co-created by Paul Allor and Juan Romera and published by Monkeybrain Comics, is now available on comiXology.

Why am I mentioning that here? Well, because I'm lucky enough to be the Editor on this fine series! It's been a blast working on this book, and having seen where things are headed, I can tell you, you don't want to miss this series.

What's it about? In a nutshell, the story follows a somewhat-disgraced journalist on the trail of bigfoots, aliens, and secret cults...and that's just the first couple pages!

Paul's character work is as stellar as always here, and Juan's art and colors are perfect for the world.

It's only 99-cents, and will be released monthly.

You can check out a preview over on comiXology right here.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NYCC 2013 - Signing at Big Dog Ink booth #1665

If you'll be at NYCC, come by the Big Dog Ink booth (#1665) to pick up an early debut copy of the #1 issue of the new REX, ZOMBIE KILLER mini-series!

Co-creator/artist DaFu Yu and I will be at the booth signing from 1pm to 5pm on both Friday and Saturday.

Please stop by and say "hi," and check out the book!

You can get more information on the series on the Rex, Zombie Killer website.