Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Rex, Zombie Killer mini-series #3 in comic shops 2/26/14!

So, the next-to-last issue of our mini-series, Rex, Zombie Killer is in stores today, February 26th!

It features a true horde of zombies chasing a bunch of our favorite primates up the Statue of Liberty on the strip of Las Vegas. Co-creator and artist DaFu Yu went wild with the zombies on this one!

From the Previews catalog solicitation:

"Rex the Golden Retriever needs something that's in Las Vegas, but the city is infested with zombies. You think that will stop him? Don't worry, Rex has a plan...and it might involve gorillas."

And just a bit of a content warning on this one: this issue earns its TEEN+ rating, okay?

This is the lead-in to the final showdown with the evil Major and his soldiers coming in issue #4.

The story is by me, pencils and inks are by DaFu Yu, with interior colors by Juan Romera, letters/design by E.T. Dollman, and Paul Allor editing. The covers are by DaFu with colors by Kevin Volo.

You can check out more information on the Rex, Zombie Killer website.

The series is published by Big Dog Ink and will be at your Local Comic Shop!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New issues of MLP & Rex, Zombie Killer in February Previews catalog

Two new comic books I wrote are solicited in the February 2014 Diamond Previews catalog--which means they're available for pre-order from your Local Comic Shop right now.

The books will be in stores in April 2014.

First up is the second My Little Pony issue I've written for IDW; issue #4 of the new My Little Pony: Friends Forever series.

The cover and interior art are by the talented Amy Mebberson, who I met for the first time at NYCC this past year.

I've seen the roughs of the interiors, and I can't wait for everyone to see her work on this story! This tale focuses on Twilight Sparkle and her brother Shining Armor and is set in the Crystal Empire.

Then, on page 280, you can find the solicitation for #4 of Rex, Zombie Killer. This is the final issue of the mini-series and brings everything to a climactic finish at the "safe place"/military bunker. As always, this one features art by co-creator DaFu Yu.

More info on the mini-series is available on the Rex, Zombie Killer website:

Please let your comic shop know now if you'd like to pre-order the books!