Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Creature Cops TPB in stores 6/10/15

The trade paperback collection of Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit is now in comic shops! The volume is being published by IDW, in alliance with Comics Experience.

The TPB contains the full three-issue mini-series Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit #'s 1-3, plus three bonus stories from the original "Preview" issue, originally entitled Animal Control: Special Creatures Unit.

The mini-series is written by me, with pencils by Fernando Melek, inks by Novo Malgapo, interior colors by Juan Romera, letters/design by E.T. Dollman and edited by Paul Allor (Story Editor), Andy Schmidt (Comics Experience), and Bobby Curnow (IDW). The cover to the TPB, which reproduces the cover from the original "Preview" issue, features art by Leandro Panganiban, inks by Steve Bird, and colors by Coleen Allen.

For more information on Creature Cops, check out the website: Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit website