Saturday, January 30, 2016

Legends of Oz: Tik-Tok & the Kalidah

Back in 2012, I was hanging out with Big Dog Ink publisher Tom Hutchinson at Heroes Con talking about his Oz/Wild West mash-up series Legends of Oz, when I asked him if there were any opportunities to write in that universe. Tom had pretty much handled all the writing of the popular series up to that time, but he ended up listing off characters for which he currently had no plans.

A couple months later, I emailed Tom pitching an idea using two of those available characters. The pitch involved two of my classic Oz favorites: Tik-Tok the clockwork "one-man army" and the patchwork animals known as Kalidahs.

I wanted to cast Tik-Tok and an exiled Kalidah as bounty hunters in the Wild West of Oz and sent along an outline for a mini-series.

I did end up doing a full script for the first issue and an outline for the mini-series back in January of 2014, but my own change of work circumstances in the interim meant that the talented Keith Thomas had to take over scripting the last two issues. I'm looking forward to seeing what Tom and Keith did with the full mini-series.

It took a few years for the mini-series to be published--Big Dog Ink comics are now distributed by Aspen Comics -- but the first issue of the three-issue mini-series will be in comic stores April 6, 2016. The book is listed in the February 2016 Diamond Previews catalog, under Aspen Comics on page 291.

Please check out the first issue, written by me, with art by Rei Renato, colors by Ceci De La Cruz, and with covers by Rei Renato and Nei Ruffino!