About Me

I'm a comic book writer, based in Alexandria, Virginia. Although I've returned to the corporate world, I still love comics and still write them from time to time.

On the writing front, I've written My Little Pony for IDW, and two creator-owned series, Creature Cops: Special Varmint Unit, published by IDW & Comics Experience, and Rex, Zombie Killer, published by Big Dog Ink. I also have worked as an editor, most notably on Paul Allor and Juan Romera's Strange Nation, published by Monkeybrain Comics. You can check out a full list of my comic-related projects on the "My Work" page.

I've been reading comic books all my life--in fact, I somewhat learned to read from them. I also tried to make my own comics from childhood on, but didn't get serious until I took a comic book writing course at Comics Experience with former Marvel and IDW Editor Andy Schmidt.

I loved the courses so much that I eventually joined the business from 2010-2013, first co-founding the Creators Workshop online community with Andy, then later becoming General Manager of Comics Experience as a whole. In 2013, I taught my first class there on "Making Comics" along with my buddy, Paul Allor. I'm still a big supporter of Comics Experience and hang about the Creators Workshop from time to time, though I left the staff in 2014.

I hope you're able to check out some of my comics work! I can be reached at rob@RobAnderson.com.